When you come to Casa Aziz it is because you want to look your very best. We pride ourselves on enhancing your gorgeous features so that you can do just that. There is a glamorous beauty service that we offer, it is eye brow waxing. What many don’t realize is that your eyebrows can be waxed a particular way to draw attention to your beautiful eyes. They can also be groomed in a manner to create more of a dramatic look or be groomed to give you a casual appearance. If you have never had your eyebrows waxed before we know it can be a tad intimidating, but after you have it done the first time we guarantee you will be throwing away your tweezers for good. Which is probably a great idea since full contoured brows are in style. Eye waxing is done more often than ever today.

Along with brow waxing our professionals also offer lip and chin or full facial waxing. It really depends upon your particular needs. If you are uncertain of what would be best for you feel free to ask our professionals what they think. Facial waxing is a personal choice and you need to be comfortable with it. We are able to offer you many different options when it comes to waxing. If you are looking to have other areas of the body waxed we also offer that but it is something we would have to quote. When it comes to waxing Casa Aziz offers it all, so call to make an appointment for a free consultation and we will be more than happy to give you a quote tailored to your needs.