If your tresses are looking dull, damaged or broken or you simply want to keep them from getting that way, visit Casa Aziz Salon. Our team of hair care professionals will come up with a personalized treatment just for you. We understand that no two people have the same needs and neither does your hair which, is why we tailor our hair treatments to your particular issues. Our treatments can help undo the damage done by frequent coloring or the overuse of heated styling tools. As with any of our services, when you first arrive we will consult with you on the condition of your hair. Our professional stylist are not just about telling you what to do but will educate you on what works best for your particular problems. We are here to help you understand more about your hair so that you can make the best possible choices. Each of our stylists are experienced, knowledgeable and willing to dedicate time to each and every one of their clients for a fabulous encounter.

Our treatments work to bring back the vitality in your hair by using nutrient rich products by Kerastase. Kerastase is a top product, only used by the best in the industry, who truly understand the science behind maintaining hair at its healthiest. We offer our more in depth Kerastase Caviar which is a full treatment sure to pamper you and leave your locks with a luxurious pristine shine that has never looked better. Keratase Express which will get you in and out fast, without compromising the health of your hair, when you are short on time and need a treatment. Add, Kerastase Masque treatment, to your fresh new cut for an enduring look of strength and shine. Each treatment is customized for the needs of your hair. Our team of professionals are all well-educated on the different nutrient needs of each individual hair type.

We offer treatments that can work to repair the damage of over-processed hair, bringing back the shine and mend that broken look. If you are struggling with hair that is flat we offer a treatment that can add loads of volume to your hair so that you don't have to spend hours using tools that can damage your hair even more. We also offer a treatment which works to smooth and define course rough hair into silky tresses that shine. Whatever your need is, our goal is to breathe new life into your hair for a vibrant new look that can go the distance from day to day.